According to the rumor mill, Apple is poised to announce new iPads any day now, which often means it’s the best time to pick up an older model. Whichever you’re seeking the entry-level iPad or a more powerful iPad Pro brand new models of both are currently available new from Woot at their lowest prices yet, according to price tracking tools.

The sale continues until May 10, 2024, at 2:59 a.m. ET or until the iPads sell out. Note that Woot only ships to the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping; otherwise, it’s $6. Here’s what’s on sale:

The 10th Generation Apple iPad

Apple’s May event will likely introduce the new 11th-generation iPad. If you’re not necessarily into the latest specs and features and prefer getting a good deal on a capable Apple tablet, the 256 GB 10th Generation iPad is $459.99 from Woot, down from $599. This iPad came out in late 2022 and received an “excellent” review from PCMag for its premium design (borrowed from the iPad Pro), the introduction of a USB-C charging, a better-placed and higher-quality webcam, and better cameras and speakers compared to the previous model. You’ll get about six hours of battery too, making this arguably the best tablet under $500 that you can buy.

The 2021 Apple iPad Pro

The 2021 iPad Pro is a year older than the 10th-generation iPad, the ones Woot is selling offer some clear advantages. First, it’s the cellular version, meaning you will not need to rely on wifi connectivity to have an internet connection. One of the biggest reasons to justify paying nearly twice the price over the standard iPad is that it features Apple’s M1 processor. As Senior Tech Editor Jake Peterson explains, the M1 is still the best processor for most people when it comes to balancing price and performance. PCMag gave it a “good” review, nothing that while it is a powerful machine, iPadOS isn’t great for multi-tasking. Still, if you’re looking for an iPad Pro, it’s the best price for a new model you’re likely to see for a while.