Slack Is Using Your Private Conversations to Train Its AI

Slack users across the web—on Mastodon, on Threads, and on Hackernews—have responded with alarm to an obscure privacy page that outlines the ways in which their Slack conversations, including DMs, are used to train what the Salesforce-owned company calls “Machine Learning” (ML) and “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) systems. The only way to opt out of these […]

You Might Need Car Insurance Even If You Don’t Own a Car

Cars are expensive—even used cars are no longer a cheap option. So it’s not too surprising that folks who live in areas where a car isn’t a total necessity might choose not to own one. Aside from the cost of buying, maintaining, and fueling a car, there’s also the car insurance, which costs anywhere from […]

Five Kitchen Upgrades You Can DIY for Under $100

A kitchen remodel can be expensive, especially with renovation costs predicted to stay stubbornly high for the foreseeable future. But getting more out of your kitchen doesn’t take waiting for interest rates to go down. Here are five simple DIY projects you can undertake to improve your kitchen while spending less than $100. Hang some […]

TikTok Myth of the Week: ‘Natural SPF’ Supplements

How cool would it be if we could prevent sunburn and skin cancer without sunscreen—just by eating certain natural foods? It’s a really attractive idea, which explains why it’s all over TikTok. Too bad it doesn’t actually work. Can we quit it with the “sunscreen is toxic” bullshit already? The food-as-sunscreen TikToks don’t always come […]

The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your New Apple Watch

So, you just set up a brand new Apple Watch. Apple’s popular wearable is an awesome extension of your iPhone, and it comes packed with features that span health, fitness, communication, and entertainment. But before you dive into all of those fun and exciting options, there are 10 things you should probably do first to […] Is Now (for Some of Us, at Least)

Twitter changed its name to “X” back in July of 2023. But while the site has taken the past 10 months to slowly adjust to its new name and logo, two things have remained constant: All of us still call it “Twitter,” and the site’s URL is still It seems the times really are […]

You Should Replace Windows 11’s File Explorer With This App

The File Explorer in Windows 11 has been having a rough time. The initial redesign from Windows 10 displaced familiar features and the right-click menu was truncated, as were the options in the ribbons menu. A couple of updates later, things have improved somewhat, and Windows 11 finally added tab support in File Explorer. But […]

How to Prepare Now to Prepare for Bad Air Quality During Wildfire Season

There are all kinds of things that can affect air quality, including smog being trapped low to the ground by atmospheric conditions, industrial accidents, dust storms, volcanic eruptions, and wildfire smoke. While there’s nothing you can do to avoid breathing the air, you can be prepared for an air quality event and put together a […]

Does Powder Sunscreen Actually Work?

Sunscreen does a great job of protecting our skin from rays that can cause skin cancer, as well as thickening and wrinkling of the skin as we age. But it also feels kind of greasy and goopy sometimes, especially when applied to the face, leaving many of us wondering if there might not be a […]

The Easiest Way to Liven Up Your Cold Brew

For coffee enthusiasts like myself, a quality cup is always a good beverage option. In the morning, it is the only choice. Winter tries to push tea into my life, but coffee is always there to right my ship. And summer? Well, we might as well change the name to simply “cold brew season.” Now […]

Stop Using One Chrome Profile for Everything

Here is the secret to how I stay sane, even on the busiest day: Multiple Google Chrome profiles. Right now, I have four. One is tied to my personal Gmail, one is for my school, one is for work here at Lifehacker, and one is for another endeavor I help out with. I’ve even color-coded […]