Google Chrome is testing a new feature that lets you enable or disable all your extensions by clicking a single button. Be it debugging or saving resources, there are many reasons why you might want to use this feature, which was first spotted by Gamer Stones. I was able to find this feature in Chrome’s stable builds—version 123.0.6312.123 to be specific—on Windows and Mac.

Why you might want to use this feature

Sometimes webpages just don’t load properly or certain elements don’t work as you might expect. If you’re unable to submit a form or parts of a webpage appear broken, then the first step in troubleshooting is to check if an extension is causing issues. Previously, you had to switch to an incognito window, where most extensions are disabled by default, or manually disable all extensions to check if that fixed the issue.

With this new feature, you can quickly disable all extensions and reload the page to determine what’s causing the issue. Similarly, if your laptop is low on battery or if your PC is running slow, you could quickly disable all Chrome extensions to improve performance. You might also consider using this feature when you’re taking an online test, going through an important application, or in other situations where you’re required to turn off browser extensions.

How to disable all Chrome extensions in one click

Credit: Pranay Parab/Chrome

The setting is hidden behind a Chrome flag. You can access this by opening Google Chrome and typing this in the address bar: chrome://flags. Now use the search bar to look for Extensions Menu Access Control and click the drop-down menu next to it. Select Enabled. Once this is done, you can restart Google Chrome.

Now, you can open any website and click the Extensions icon in the toolbar. It’s located to the right of the address bar and its icon looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece. When you click this, you’ll see a switch next to Extensions. Click this to disable all extensions on this site. You can click the same switch to enable them again. You can also click the switches next to any of the extensions in the list to manage them individually.