Like probably many people reading this, my first robot vacuum was a Roomba. It was great for its time, but if you’ve been paying attention, other companies have been improving their technology while iRobot seems to be stagnant. Shark, Yeedi, and Roborock are some of the better robot vacuum brands out there, and they’re currently very well priced. If you’re looking to improve your current robot vacuum, consider one of these.

The Shark AI is 50% off

The Shark AI has some good features for its $299.99 sale price (originally $599), like smart mapping and a self-emptying base that can hold 60 days worth of debris. It is bagless, so there’s no need to spend on bags every time you empty the debris, and it avoids obstacles with LiDAR technology. The main concern is that Shark doesn’t disclose the device’s suction power, which could be a tactic to hide underwhelming specs.

The Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum and Mop combo is 47% off

If you’re looking for a vacuum and mop combo, the Roborock Q7 Max+ for $459.99 (originally $869.99) is a great option. The mopping is not high-tier, though, since it only uses a single brush—if that’s important to you, the higher-tier Roborock S8 will. However, it will clean surface-level stains without a problem.

Like the Shark, the Q7 Max+ also has a LiDAR system that it uses to map out your home. You can designate no-mop areasto avoid getting rugs wet, for example. If there are objects in the way, it will remember them and can maneuver around them to avoid accidents. The dock station can hold up to seven weeks of debris with its 2.5-liter bags. The suction power is decent for its current price, at 4,200 pascals. Just keep in mind you will be making purchases on the mop pads as you use them up, as well as the bags on the self-emptying dock.

The Yeedi C12 PRO Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop is $230 off

The Yeedi C12 PRO Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop combo might not have the impressive discounts the other two vacuums have, but it’s still arguably a better value for your money. After using the $130 on-page coupon, you can get the Yeedi C12 PRO Plus for $369.99 (originally $599). This vacuum has a self-emptying dust bin that can last up to seven weeks before needing to empty it; the most suction power with 8,000 pascals; a mop pad that scrubs the floor 480 times per minute; smart mapping of your home; the ability to set schedules; boosted suction on carpet; anti-tangle technology on the roller; and up to five-hour battery capacity. You won’t be spending money on dust bags or mop pads, since these ones are reusable.