The ever-rising price of “premium” streaming services and the recent announcement of PBS Retro (a 24/7 streaming channel of “golden age” public television) has me asking what else is out there. It turns out there are a lot of free (ad-supported, anyway) streaming channels you can watch on free (ad-supported, again) streaming services. It’s in the “wild west” stage right now: There are thousands of channels to choose from that range from “who would watch this?” streams like Party Tyme Karaoke that broadcasts random karaoke tracks, to some really interesting streams, particularly if you have specific tastes. Below are the 10 best (or at least most interesting) free streaming channels I’ve come across that you might not know you can watch now, for nothing.

Pluto TV Spotlight

Credit: Pluto TV

Pluto TV Spotlight features a never-ending stream of movies you’ve probably already seen, and that you are probably fairly fond of. Right now, for instance, it’s streaming The Truman Show, followed by Almost Famous, then Stand By Me, a triple-feature that’s perfect background TV for folding the laundry. 

Where to stream: Pluto TV

SNL Vault

Credit: Xumo

The SNL Vault proves you can enjoy sketch comedy even when it’s not Saturday night. The stream presents hand-picked, individual sketches from SNL’s many seasons instead of whole episodes, so you won’t have to sit through many duds.

Where to stream: Roku, Xumo 

Universal Monsters

Credit: Roku

If you like Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Dracula, as well as their second-tier associates, Universal Monsters will feed you a steady stream of monsters all day and all night. The 24/7 schedule ensures that lesser-known Universal fright flicks like Daughter of Dracula and The Mad Ghoul get some love too. 

Where to stream: Freevee, Xumo, Pluto TV

Bon Appétit

Credit: Xumo

If you like TV that makes you hungry or you just want some ideas for dinner tonight, check out Bon Appétit’s streaming channel. It’s all food, all the time, from the culinary OGs at Bon Appétit.

Where to stream: Xumo, Roku,

Car Chase

Credit: Pluto TV

Like the name says, Car Chase features news footage from car chases, and only news footage from car chases. Nothing can beat the excitement of catching a fast-paced chase as it happens, but this is a close second.

Where so stream: Pluto TV

Baby Shark TV

Credit: Pluto TV

I’m not suggesting you would enjoy watching Baby Shark TV, but if you’re a parent with a small one, I won’t judge you for plopping your kid in front of this channel to take a quick shower or sneak a cigarette. It’s like toddler-tranquilizer. 

Where to stream: Pluto TV

Night Flight 

In the 1980s, Night Flight was an avant-garde late night cable mash-up of edgy rock n’ roll, pulp movies, comedy, fine art, and anything else that was not boring. Its streaming incarnation is a nostalgia trip about remembering that old shit, but it’s still pretty cool, at least to aging hipsters.

Where to stream: Pluto, Xumo


Credit: Amazon

If you think it’s weird to see Drake not in a wheelchair, Degrassi is the streaming channel is for you. It shows episode after episode of the very-Canadian teen drama series. Sadly, this channel only shows Degrassi: The Next Generation, instead of including Degrassi Junior High from the 80s or The Kids on Degrassi Street from the 70s. 

Where to stream: Freevee, Pluto TV, Roku, Tubi

Pluto Christmas

Credit: Pluto TV

If it’s Christmas all year in your heart, Pluto’s Christmas channel will shove holly in your face all day, even in the middle of July. It’s populated by those formulaic, made-for-a-nickel Christmas rom-coms; so If that’s your comfort watch, you can get as much as you like right here, year round.

Where to stream: Pluto TV

Vevo’s music channels

Music-video-hosting company Vevo pumps out a ton of music streaming channels like Vevo Pop, Vevo ’80s, Vevo Hip-Hop, Vevo Country, Vevo ’90s, and more that show videos from their respective genre or decade. Pick your favorite (mine is True School Hip Hop) and clean your house. 

Where to stream: Roku, Sling Freestream, Freevee, Plex, Pluto