Memorial Day weekend is here, and for whatever reason, that means retailers are kicking off a bunch of sales on just about everything, including fitness equipment. So if you were waiting for prices to dip on gym gear, now is your moment.

Personal gym gear

A weightlifting belt can help you to lift more in the gym by providing something to brace against. The best belts run upwards of $100, but if you’re not sure whether a belt is for you, I’d snag an inexpensive one and see how you like it. This four-inch, double prong belt looks like a fine one to start with.

And if you’re in the market for a new gym bag, take a look at this Fila model that comes in unobtrusive black or loud ’90s-style turquoise and purple. Both have multiple pockets, with a ventilated shoe tunnel for your wet or dirty gear.

Are you into pickleball? I hear everybody is into pickleball. (I plan to sit this trend out, but I’m glad you’re all having fun.) Here’s a good deal on a paddle and ball set, more than half off:

Walking pads

The walking pad market has exploded lately, and there are tons of these mini treadmills available at lower and lower price points. We have a guide here that explains the difference between these and regular treadmills. Be aware that many of them have limited walking speeds, low weight limits, and short lengths. That said, if you’re looking for something to walk on while you work, a slow-paced treadmill might be just the thing. Here’s a great option that is on sale this weekend:


If you’d like to pick up a regular treadmill this weekend, there are options here as well. The treadmills below can all reach reasonable running speeds, and can incline at least a little bit (some up to 15%).