Organizing your accessories, like shoes, bags, and belts, is an important part of keeping your home manageable and your appearance on point, but the way you keep your jewelry stored might be most important of all. Whether you need access to a certain piece you only wear on special occasions or you have a ton of interchangeable pieces you mix and match daily, you need it all to be somewhere accessible and safe. Here are my favorite storage solutions for all kinds of jewelry.

The best jewelry storage solutions

First: A storage mirror. I’ve recommended these things at least twice before and I’ll keep recommending them because they’re just that good. A few months ago, I got this lighted mirror that opens up to reveal shelving, pockets, hooks, and moreā€”and I really am obsessed with it. There are designated spaces for stud earrings, dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, plus other shelves and pockets that I use for hair products and accessories. I also use one of the clear pockets for body piercing jewelry, since I haven’t found a jewelry box or storage container that has a convenient solution for those.

I love this and am thrilled with the purchase, even though I found it a little spendy. The lights can be made cooler, warmer, dimmer, and brighter, so it’s the perfect multi-function tool for getting ready. Before I got this, I had a hanging rack for my earrings. I still use it for overflow from the storage mirror. What I like about this one is that, unlike some earring holders, I don’t have to remove the backs of my earrings and reattach them behind the rack to make them stay; there are large holes with grooves that allow me to set the earring in with its back on. The one I got six years ago isn’t available anymore, but it’s like this:

When looking for storage solutions, keep those little annoyances in mind. I know myself and if I got one that required me to fiddle around attaching the earring and its back, I wouldn’t use it often. I’d just set my earrings down on a table and probably lose them. Convenience is important with storage. For other options, try these:

This storage tool ($19.98) hangs in your closet, keeping it out of sight, but still has space for earrings and dangling jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces, so they don’t get tangled.

I’m not a big proponent of stacking your jewelry in boxes or drawers, since it could get tangled, but if space is a concern for you, this acrylic jewelry box ($26.99) has five drawers and is still compact.

For a bit more, you could get a taller jewelry box ($39.99) that has not only vertically stacked drawers, but wings on the side that open to reveal hanging storage. These can keep your necklaces in order without compromising space on your shelves.

Finally, if you’re traveling, your jewelry should still be as safe as possible, so a hard-sided box like this ($9.99) with space for hanging pieces, rings, and earrings, is perfect.

No matter where you place your storage tools, make sure the jewelry is in a cool and dry place with little exposure to sunlight. Stuff a few silica gel packets alongside anything that is in a pocket to make sure extra moisture is pulled out.