Once you’ve decluttered your home, you have to keep it organized or you’ll end up in a cluttered mess all over again. Each room requires its own unique approach, but as a storage hub for clothes and personal possessions, the bedroom is especially key. Here are some great tools for organizing the bedroom.

The best tools for organizing your closet

First up, you need cascading hangers, which I’ve mentioned before. The metal ones are my favorite, which will be sturdy enough to hold heavier items and not slowly warp under their weight.

Beyond that, there are hangers of all kinds that can be used for a variety of clothing storage needs. Try this hanger covered in binder clips ($14.99 for two), which is perfect for holding leggings or skirts, or this slotted hanger that can hold multiple pairs of pants ($11.99 for three).

Everything else in the closet needs some organization, too. Try these:

12 plastic stacking boxes for shoes or bags ($31.99)

Four stacking bins on wheels for easy access ($31)

A fabric shelving unit that hangs from a closet bar ($14.98)

The best tools for organizing your nightstand

I don’t know about you, but any little table or flat surface in my home becomes a total nightmare over time as I just toss whatever is in my hands onto it as soon as I enter the room. In the bedroom, that’s the nightstand, which is especially terrible, because we should all be falling asleep in peaceful, decluttered spaces—not next to a pile of junk. That problem gets compounded by phone charging cables lamp cords and other stuff that actually belongs there. To alleviate this clutter, consider is a new nightstand that has storage solutions built in, like this:

That has outlets, a charging station, and drawer storage to keep everything you need easy access to close. For anything else, try these:

Simple plastic cord organizers that will stop your chargers from turning into a jumbled mess ($6.79 for 15 slots)

A storage tray with drawers and slots for all your little necessities, plus an area to charge your phone ($32.99)

A rotating storage bin with compartments, perfect for remotes or devices ($22.99)

A wireless charging dock that takes care of your phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time ($17.99)

Other bedroom storage solutions

Other cluttered areas in the bedroom also need some attention. Consider picking up some under-bed storage boxes for bigger items, like duvets or seasonal decor.

And finally, a big storage basket can do wonders for a bedroom, whether it’s holding blankets or serving as a more luxe-looking hamper.