Following the discovery of a number of high-profile Android exploits, Google has released a new Android 14 security update. The latest version of the operating system is now available on supported Pixel devices and should come to other devices in the near future as their manufacturers roll it out. Those with supported phones should download the update as soon as possible. In addition to stamping out exploits, the update also fixes ongoing issues with the camera and Bluetooth LE.

The details of the covered exploits are somewhat technical, but they include several high level vulnerabilities—even some with a “critical” rating—that focus on giving bad actors local escalation of privilege (which gives them control of your device’s most basic framework).

Giving anyone this kind of access is risky, as it could allow them to install new malware and track what you do with your phone. It’s how many malware apps, like the new Brokewell malware, are able to take over your phone and log keystrokes, login info, and other important personal data.

Google’s site lists off at least ten different high level security issues that the May Android 14 update addresses. Some of these issues are tied to Android 14’s framework, while others are tied to the system processes controlling phones themselves. Some updates also affect other operating systems, including Android 12, Android 12L, and Android 13.

There are four different builds of the OS update available for Pixel users depending on carrier, including Global, KDDI (Japan), T-Mobile, C Spire, US Cellular, Cellcom, and Verizon. The update began rolling out on Tuesday, and it may appear at different times for you depending on where your device and network fall in the rollout timeline.

How to install the latest security update on your Pixel

While it is possible to flash the update manually through instructions on Google’s site, most users will be best off installing over-the-air. If you have a Pixel 7 and up, you can install the update under Settings > System > Advanced > System Update. If you have a Pixel 5 or Pixel 6, you can also install the update using the same steps, although only for the Global build.