When I got my first large-sized computer monitor, I found it very difficult to go back to my 13-inch laptop screen. The ultra-wide Samsung ViewFinity S65TC will likely do the same. The 34-inch curved productivity monitor is currently on sale for $449.99 (originally $799.99) after a 44% discount, the lowest price I have seen after checking price-tracking tools.

Productivity monitors should not be confused with gaming monitors. Although most high-end gaming monitors are curved and wider than normal, their specs focus on different metrics. The Samsung ViewFinity S65TC came out in February and has a 1,000R curved display with 3,440 by 1,440 pixels of resolution and a 100 Hz refresh rate. You won’t get the same experience on this as you would from a high-end gaming monitor, but it will work for most casual gamers.

Since this is a productivity screen, Samsung gave it a KVM switch feature, which lets you control two sources on the monitor at once with a single keyboard and mouse. You can split the screens or use picture-in-picture (or picture-by-picture) to do your work.

The ViewFinity S65TC has a Thunderbolt 4 connection, an HDMI DisplayPort, built-in speakers, and a USB3 Hub. You can also use a LAN port in case your laptop doesn’t have a port for ethernet use.