The PlayStation VR2 was expensive when it launched in early 2023—and today, it is still expensive. But you can save $100 from its $549.99 listing price from Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy, bringing the current $449 price down to the lowest it has been since its release. The deal comes during Sony’s Days of Play sale, where you can also find the PlayStation 5 widely available for $449.99, among other PlayStation deals.

The PlayStation VR2 is exactly what it sounds like: a VR headset for your PS5. It is the second version of the PlayStation VR with big upgrades that justify the $150 price increase, including an improved 2,000 by 2,040 resolution HDR OLED screen, a 110° field of view (that’s 10° more than the VR1), pass-through view technology so you can see your play area (and not break your TV), and much-improved PSVR 2 Sense controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that will make your games feel more immersive (the headset also vibrates). The setup is also much easier, with just a USBC cable needed to be plugged into the console. IGN gave the headset an “amazing” 9 out of 10 score on their review.

It’s not perfect, though. One of the biggest disappointments is that there is no backward compatibility with the original PlayStation VR, meaning you’ll have to buy the same games again to play them on the PlayStation VR2.

Sony has been slowly releasing more games to be compatible with the VR2 headset. Right now, there is a good selection of games available, with more on the way.