When it comes to e-readers designed for note-taking, there isn’t a lot of strong, reputable competition. The Kindle Scribe is not the first of its kind (the first Onyx Boox Note Air launched in 2020), yet it remains one of the most recognizable names in its category. And right now, the 16 GB Kindle Scribe is seeing its best price, $239.99 (originally $339.99), after a $100 discount. This is the lowest price this device has been, according to price-checking tools.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is great for those who like the Kindle Paperwhite but want to be able to take handwritten notes. As our Joshua Hawkins said in his review for Lifehacker, the Kindle Scribe is one of the best e-readers available right now. It has the same features as the Paperwhite but can take notes with the included stylus, has an auto-adjusting light, and supports wireless charging. The screen is big (10.2 inches) and can be awkward to handle with one hand, according to PCMag’s “excellent” review. Unlike the Paperwhite, though, it isn’t waterproof.

Though it supports note-taking, don’t confuse the Kindle Scribe for an electronic sketch book. It can definitely be a great doodling device, but it lacks many of the tools and features you can find on a device like the iPad. Its high battery life and simple functionality is what sets it apart. The big matte screen is perfect for reading comics or manga, and you can read files in DOC, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF, RTF, and TXT text formats, as well as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG image formats. The note-taking aspect doesn’t lag between contact from the stylus and the screen, offering a smooth note-taking experience.