Joining the Android Beta program gives you firsthand look at the latest Android updates, as well as a way to provide feedback about those changes before they reach full release. If you’re curious about trying the latest Android betas, then signing up is easy. Here’s what you need to know.

How to join the Android Beta program

The Android Beta program is ongoing, with the latest versions of Android always available to test. To sign up, all you need to do is sign into the primary Google Account associated with your Android device, then navigate to the Android Beta page. Here, you’ll be able to see which beta Google is currently working on and learn which of your devices are eligible.

If you have an eligible device, then you’ll be able to enroll in the program. From there, beta updates will continue to arrive on your phone through the OTA update service found in your device’s settings. You can, of course, opt out of the program at any point if you grow tired of testing out the latest beta updates.

The latest beta, as of this article, is the Android 15 Beta, which offers a first-hand look at upcoming features, including notification cooldown, high-quality webcam mode, partial screen sharing, among many others. There are still a few months of updates before the new operating system drops, but it’s a good time to jump in and see what Google has cooking.

How to opt out of the Android Beta program

If you’re tired of beta updates, you can opt out by navigating back to the Android Beta page. From here, ensure you’re signed into the primary Google Account tied to your device, and hit Opt Out under “Eligible Devices.” This will opt the device out of future beta updates, and you’ll be able to move back to the latest release version through the OTA update system.

You used to have to flash the latest Android betas to your devices to check them out, but luckily, Google has made the process a lot easier. Of course, all of this relies heavily on having one of the latest eligible devices, which you can see an updated list of on the Android Beta website. At a glance, here are the phones eligible for the Android 15 beta:

Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6a

Pixel 7

Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7a

Pixel Tablet

Pixel Fold

Pixel 8

Pixel 8 Pro