Troubleshoot Any Problem on Your PS5 by Using ‘Safe Mode’

Despite the best intentions of the manufacturers, and the best efforts of consumers, tech still goes wrong on a fairly regular basis—and the PlayStation 5 is no exception to that. Sony has actually included a helpful troubleshooting tool built into its console: Safe Mode. Safe Mode runs the PS5 with the bare minimum of functionality. […]

Use These Apps to Find an Online Book Club

There are many ways to find interesting books to read, maybe on your Kindle or Kobo. Thanks to the advent of BookTok and BookTube, suggestions for books can come even when you aren’t looking for them. But just because book influencers are talking about a book doesn’t mean you’ll like it, or even want to […]

Google Pixel Phones Are Getting This Useful Volume Feature Back

Last week, Google dropped the second beta for Android 15, giving us our first public look at new features like App Pairs and Private Space. But the tech giant also snuck in another update for Pixel phones, bringing back a useful volume feature that has been missing since 2021. The feature in question allows you […]

These Are the 100 Best Albums of All Time, According to Apple Music

Editorial music curation is one of Apple Music’s strong suits, as evidenced by the service’s excellent playlists. Apple is taking that to the next level now, with the release of a list of it 100 best albums of all time. You can find a link to the list in the Apple Music app, but rather […]

What People Are Getting Wrong This Week: Did Disney ‘Cancel’ Tinker Bell?

This week, the agendas of people on X, right wing radio programs, and Disney fan blogs came together to form a Voltron of awfulness around a single issue: Disney canceling beloved Disney icon Tinker Bell for lack of wokeness. “Woke destroys everything. No wonder mental health is declining,” X user Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW posted in […]

Every Mac User Needs This Little Menu Bar Calendar App

One of the first things I do after I set up a new Mac is install Itsycal, a small yet mighty calendar app that stays docked in the menu bar. I use it to replace the Mac’s more limited default calendar, and it serves as a quick and accessible calendar whenever I need to plan […]

My Favorite Amazon Deal of the Day: This Hisense Fire TV

Since April, Hisense TVs have had a promotion with the NBA store where you can get up to $200 in an NBA gift card when you buy a Hisense TV or projector from one of a couple of major retailers. The 50-inch Hisense Class U6HF Series is already seeing one of its best prices after […]

The Best Apps to Track Protein

Getting enough protein is important for our baseline health, and for supporting athletic endeavors. Calorie tracking apps like my fave, Cronometer, can help you keep track of your protein intake, but sometimes you just want to make sure you’re hitting your protein targets without putting calories front-and-center.  Why you might want to track protein After […]

Microsoft’s New ‘Recall’ Feature Is Equal Parts Cool and Dangerous

We take search functions for granted—when it goes well. If you search for a particular email, photo, or document on your PC, and it pops right up, you don’t think twice about it. But if you spend 10 minutes scouring your hard drive looking for that one file, you lose your mind. That’s where Microsoft […]

Best Buy Will Give You a Free TV When You Preorder a Microsoft Surface Device

This week, Microsoft unveiled a new lineup of Surface computers included in its Copilot+ PC Windows AI lineup, which Microsoft claims are faster than the new M3 MacBooks. Whether or not those results are born out by real world testing, the devices are up for preorder now, and one preorder deal in particular looks pretty […]

The Best New Google Accessibility Features

Google has been working hard to add more accessibility features to your Android phone. The company recently revealed some of these as part of a feature update announced on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The new features include AI powered image captions to help people with low vision, an easier way to find objects, and detailed […]

Picking on Someone’s Exercise Form Isn’t the Dunk You Think It Is

Marjorie Taylor Greene is posting Crossfit videos again. This time she seems to be doing it to continue an altercation that began on the House floor. In the past, she’s used similar clips to pander to Christians, endorse Donald Trump, and, most famously to imply, mid-pandemic, that exercise was a good substitute for the COVID […]